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    Sit back, sip your tea and enjoy contemplation or the company of
    family and friends. At Passiflora teas are served loose, rather than in tea
    bags. Savor the flavor. Although we would like you to spend some time
    with us, our teas are also served to-go and in bulk.
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    WHY DRINK TEAFor lifelong vitality, make tea (and water) your beverages of choice. Tea will help decrease your stress by putting you in the mood for contemplation and reflection. Tea's anti-oxidants decrease heart disease and cancer risk and even boost your immunity. Drink tea throughout the day to keep the level of anti-oxidants even and high in your bloodstream. Our fine teas come to you from China, the original home of tea, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Japan.


     You will feel happier when you leave than when you arrived. You will
    find a peaceful space to gather, imbibe great food and drink, and learn how to help your body feel better.


     We want you to feel your healthiest, utilizing our knowledge of science and traditional botanical medicine to work with you and your body. We will be honest with you as to what we think will work well for you. For more in-depth information, we provide you with one-on-one wellness and botanical medicine counseling.


    We have carefully sel.ected every product to ensure that it has quality and integrity. Unlike most health food stores,
    many of our products are only available to health care professionals. They are what they say they are on the bottle.