• Chinese Tea

  • Geography of the tea bush


    The geographical spread of the tea bush are widely used. It grows in temperate, semi-tropical, humid climate, with an average annual temperature of 14-16 degrees between 15 and 40 degrees north latitude.

      The area of its distribution extends from north to south by two and a half thousand miles away, along the east and west, from the China Sea to Tibet - about four thousand miles. In this zone are China, Korea, Japan, Cochin China, and other countries. But, really-cultural area it is much narrower: about a thousand miles from north to south, at the border than the southern limit does not reach tropical circle.

    North and south of these limits, although common tea plant, but either in a wild state, or large plantations and the production of it here is relatively small. But lately, the boundaries of this cultural band still expanding. At the same tea plant, contrary to popular belief, is not a plant rather capricious: it can withstand the heat and rain, and snow cover, it would be just enough moisture in the air



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