• Chinese Tea

  • Breeding conditions


    Tea culture is so polysyllabic thing that could work out only after many centuries, with the hard work and high agricultural art, which is distinguished by the Chinese. Not only here in Russia, but also in other countries only very few, even of the former in China, have a precise idea of ​​the series during the tea culture, the processes of cultivation and processing of tea.

     Most tend to think that the tea leaves are removed just whipped up from the tree, dried and directly go to the sale. Meanwhile, here are a number of complex operations, so that the preparation of the tea leaf for sale is a whole process that runs multiple steps and requires skill, knowledge, voltage and art.

     Tea plantations are located on the mountain slopes, mostly southern, where the water does not stay. Tea loves not greasy black soil mixed with scree mountains. On the northern slopes and in the valleys, on sandy soil or fat is the worst quality tea.

    The quantity and quality of crops depends on the amount of precipitating moisture. Warm and wet spring is most conducive to harvest. Thus, for the successful growth of tea needed rain, sun, clear skies and space.




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