• Chinese Tea

  • Breeding of tea in other states

    The tea plant is growing not only in China, not excluding its northern provinces, but is found in the wild in many neighboring countries, such as Japan, India, Korea, and even in the other. Transplanted across the ocean to America, and there it occurs in the wild, such as Brazil and Mexico. But China is the homeland of tea, from where it spread to other countries. Ever since the last century, it was brought to Europe, where he was met near Oporto in Portugal, at a latitude north of Beijing. Breeding of tea started in almost all the southern states. Even we in Russia in the Caucasus, were attempts for breeding of tea. This issue in view of its special importance assigned a separate chapter.
    But acclimatization tea bush has proved to be a very difficult and complex. He has successfully grown, giving the leaves, but the resulting tea was nowhere near what the Chinese. In a foreign country is a noble, whimsical plant consolidated the fragrant smell of his individual and sophisticated tastes, such as Grubel and exhale.
    Only in Japan caught on tea plantations and developed into a large scale. Tea is quite good, though, the assurance of experts, and not the same as in China. In other states, the results are even less able to meet experts. Tea flavor received foreign plants, but did not have a specific smell of tea, borrowed from the native soil of China, which for so many centuries assimilated tea culture. In addition, there still can not grasp the Chinese method of fermentation leaves for the destruction of a sour taste in them. But in any case, tea production goes far beyond the walls of the Chinese state and increasingly deployed in other countries.


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