• Chinese Tea

  • Changes in the tea culture

    The culture of tea plant, which remained for several centuries almost unchanged and persist in hereditary traditions, has become dramatically change its shape and its direction under the pressure of new international trade environment, China has to adapt to the new, purely mercantilist, requirements.
     We know that not so long ago, all manipulations on the collection and processing of tea accounted for the Chinese sort of rite and even accompanied by some religious ceremonies, expressing gratitude for heaven sent gift. They saw in the tea culture and the embodiment of a certain idea of ​​not putting in the foreground material gain. But in recent years, with a strong increase in demand for tea, for which they could not keep up with the local production, manufacturers of these traditions have been shaken, and in the future, threaten to disappear altogether. In this warm environment patriarchal broke Mercantile cold jet. This was especially seen since then as England won the right to establish trading posts in the ports of China and started expanding their operations to export tea. Repeated the same thing with olive oil. Export of tea growing increasingly progression, and if the plantation and could expand, then, not so fast. Naturally, the production of tea began to take speculative trend, in connection with the development of feverish trading activity in which there is no time to think about the same thorough treatment. That was possible before in the quieter, conditions. There was negligence in the production of tea and sorting, which gradually led to the demise of the tea plantations. In the pursuit of expanding sales began to plant new plantations at less convenient locations where tea bushes are often plagued by drought. Soil preparation, weeding and irrigation were performed with less accuracy. Began to plead for an increase of tea tree, make charges later for the sake of the greater weight of leaves, no longer young replace the old plants. In a word - began the transition from extensive to intensive farming to the detriment of the quality of the product. Last worsened by the fact that she has made application to the foliage less carefully whipped up: instead of rolling the leaves, giving them a slightly dry, and then you blow dry, began to leave them directly into the sun to be stronger than jarred. And then put them in bags and trampled to squeeze adhesive greenish fluid: with the most delicious and nutritious substances disappeared without a trace, and the resulting dry leaf had already spun the old structure and species. The truth turned out more by weight of dry tea, but its quality deteriorated, respectively, by 20% or more.
     Finally packaging in China began to produce cheaper and worse. Thus the issue now to ensure that the gain from the tea plantations more profits through cheaper production costs. What is not beneficial to the quality of the product. Opened many new tea factories speculative and fake tea began to take increasing at the moment.


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