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  • About Chinese tea
     Known under the name of tea leaves per plant, bred in China, specially treated. Although the addition of Chinese tea plants increasingly come into use teas of other plant species, but they have a more limited distribution, while Chinese tea delights and feeds about half of all humanity. And because there will be a question actually about Chinese tea and the sale of this important piece of consumer and trade. On the other teas will be discussed briefly in its place. First, you need to meet, in a concise manner, the tea plant with itself and with its culture.
    The scientific definition.
       In botanically Chinese tea has only one species, as acknowledged by the famous Linnaeus and what converge all the researchers who have studied this plant in place in China.
    This species has only two modifications, which some scientists are mistaken for separate species. These modifications of the so-called black and green tea - are the only color differences, and do not express any significant distinguishing feature. These differences are more likely to be referred to the main varieties of tea, decaying in turn to a variety of other species. Thus black and green tea one and the same form modifications depend on the difference in time picking tea leaves in the method of processing.
    Tea plant belongs to the same family with roses and camellias. Culturally, the state of this noble plant is bred in the form of a bush, and in appearance resembles the well-known rose bush. In the wild and in disrepair tea plant takes the form of a small tree. Wood is a beautiful, branched, evergreen, but less fit for the collection of tea, as it made the leaves become tough and sharp taste.
    Leaves of the tea plant - not large, jagged, like a monthly rose. Flower with a mind like a flower white rose, as well as on Camellia - white and pale pink.


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