• Chinese Tea

  • Soothing Tea

    The dried leaves of lemon balm (1 part), Veronica (1 part), strawberry (3 parts), hawthorn fruit (4 pieces). One tablespoon chopped mixture brew

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    • 250 ml of boiling water, to insist 5-7 minutes. Drink with honey;

      Dried leaves of strawberries (3 pieces), mint list (part 2), the fruits of hawthorn (4 pieces). The mixture is brewed and taken as in the previous recipe;

    • Dried mint (1 part), Melissa (1 part), valerian root (1 part), leaves and flowers of prickly thistle (1 part). One tablespoon chopped mixture pour a glass of boiled water , to insist 30 minutes, drain. Drink half a cup 3 times a day for insomnia, irritability;
    • Dried Peppermint (1 part), Leonurus (1 part), valerian root (1 part), infructescence hop (part 1). The mixture is brewed and taken as in the previous recipe. Used for nervous excitement, irritability.


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