• Chinese Tea

  • Tonic tea

    Tonic Tea

    • 3 g of dried leaves of wild strawberry, blackberry leaves, 3 grams, 3 grams of leaves of black currant, 10 g of hypericum, 10 g of thyme, 200 ml of water. A mixture of dried herbs in boiling water is poured in a porcelain kettle, and insist 7-10 min;

    • 6 g of dried rose hips, 6 g of dried fruits of sea buckthorn, 2 g herb centaury, 2 g of licorice root, dandelion root 3 g, 20 g honey, 200 ml of water. Fruits chop , chop the roots, the mixture is poured boiling water in an enamel pot, boil for 10 minutes, 1 hour and insist Strain, add honey and the fruit dried rose hips (3 parts), blueberries (2 parts), cherry (part 1), leaves of nettles ( 3 parts). The fruit crush, mix up, then one tablespoon of the mixture pour 2 cups boiling water, boil 10 minutes and persist in a thermos 2 hours Take one glass a day in hot form. Tea of this collection is contraindicated for constipation;

    • fruit dried rose hips (3 parts), cranberries (1 part), dried nettle leaves (3 parts). Fruit crush, to make the mixture. One tablespoon of the mixture pour boiling water, bring to a boil , 1 hour insist Drink 1-2 glasses of honey.


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