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    Bath is sweating body.

    This is a normal physiological process, the reaction of your body at high temperature. After evaporation of sweat from the skin surface plays an important role in protecting the body in the steam room from overheating. The sweat from the body also displays various slags, the products of decay, it is redeveloped. The human body is composed of 70% of the water, and stay in the steam room leads to a reduction of it, with a feeling thirsty, your body requires to make up the loss of water.

    How to quench thirst, to restore the fluid balance of the body?

    First of all, should not drink cold water in the bath or other drink, because after a short period of time appears again thirst.

    The best drink in the bath and after it is well-brewed fresh tea, preferably green, or herbal vitamin drink. Tea or other beverages to drink should be in the changing room during the rest of the samovar or a thermos. At home drinking tea after a Russian banya necessarily from the samovar on all the rules of Russian tea: honey, jam, bread rings and cheesecake.

    In the bath during the entire time there (1,5-2 hours) you can drink it in small portions 2-3 cups of tea or other beverage. In the tea flavor is useful for adding mint leaves, black currants, raspberries, strawberries. If you have a cold, then in a bath at home is useful to drink tea, brewed linden blossoms and dry raspberries - this will cause excessive sweating.

    It is important to know that a lot of fluid in the bath can not be used because it causes additional stress on the heart and kidneys. On moderate quench thirst in the bath and after it must be remembered the elderly. They are also not desirable to use strong tea, coffee, not to mention the drinks such as beer and other alcoholic beverages.

    If you desire will still be tormenting you after a bath, you need 2 hours to drink another glass of tea with lemon.

    After the bath-house procedures are very useful to quench infusion of rosehips , barberry, hawthorn, vegetable or fruit juice. Herbal teas - is a real fount of vitamins, trace elements, various biologically active substances that are beneficial and recovers your body.

    Medicinal properties of plants have been known to people long ago, probably even cave dwellers have used herbs to treat various ailments. Come down to us medical treatises of ancient healers have already provided specific recipes and methods of using medicinal plants based on the practical experience of many thousands of years. Thus, traditional healers-healers passed down from generation to generation of a grain of information about the medicinal properties of some herbs, creating a solid foundation of the natural "green pharmacy", which we use in the present.

    Medicinal substances released from medicinal plants in pure form , being used as powders, tablets, tinctures, decoctions or infusions. Many modern synthesized medicines can not be compared to its therapeutic effect with those drugs that are derived from herbs and plants, not to mention the side effects caused by chemical drugs.


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