• Chinese Tea

  • The easiest drink

    Tea - the easiest and most popular drink. We go to each other for tea break at work also brightens a cup of tea. Tea - universal tool for bringing people together. This, of course, there are objective reasons. Tea is rich in a variety of substances that have a positive impact both on our nervous system, and on the whole body. These properties of tea were discovered about 2000 years ago, actually, and then tea was used primarily in medicine and was prescribed as a cure for various ailments. But tea like many of his unusual taste and soon began to use th and just as pleasant drink. However, tea, and certainly has not lost its beneficial properties. For example, studies on the effect of the drink on the human body is not finished so far - so complex was part of the tea leaf (already opened more than three hundred chemical compounds).
    The most controversial chemicals in tea is undoubtedly theine (tea caffeine). Indeed, in high doses, caffeine is harmful to health. But tea caffeine, getting into our body reacts with tannin. The resulting tannate of caffeine acts on the man very softly, giving the body a little tonic effect. In addition theine is rapidly excreted from the body, so get a dangerous overdose of this substance is almost impossible. But if you still are a fierce opponent of caffeine in any form, or you have any medical conditions, drink tea made from coarse material, where the percentage of caffeine tends to zero.


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