• Chinese Tea

  • The overall picture of tea culture
    The overall picture is quite characteristic of the tea culture. Most are inclined to represent China covered by solid tea plantations. In fact, they appear scattered on the hillsides like a small green oasis. This is due to the prevailing small holdings in China. Between the owners and tenants of small plots of land are many who throw a dozen or bushes in a corner for their own consumption, small as the rest goes on sale. It resembles a tiny par of the tobacco plantations in the southern Russian peasants.
      For such small farms in China from the end of March and April comes the kind of the busy time - picking tea, has, however, at first glance a festive look to the way our hay or picking berries. These rural planters, from morning to evening, with baskets in hand, on their tiny plantation pluck fresh, green leaves from the tea bushes.
     This sheet is dried in the sun, then crumple again, dried, and then sell the buyers-who live in the villages. These dealers are sending the collected list for tea factories where it sorted, roasted, sifted, flavored, tint, blended finally packed in boxes, so that in the beginning of May, tea is already beginning to be marketed.


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